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GNYHA Services Bidder Qualifications

Requirements to be Identified as a Responsible Bidder

  1. In order to be eligible to bid on a GNYHA Services Regional contract, a vendor must be an entity that is duly formed and in good standing under the laws of the relevant jurisdiction and, to the extent applicable, licensed to provide the products and services for which it seeks to submit a bid. GNYHA Services reserves the right to disqualify any bidder based on objective evidence of possible violation of the law or failure to comply with industry standards.
  2. GNYHA Services encourages the participation of small, women-owned and/or minority-owned businesses.
  3. Eligible vendors must meet all applicable Joint Commission regulations.
  4. Eligible vendors must not be on the Medicare exclusion list.

Criteria for Selection of a Vendor

GNYHA Services will award a regional contract to any qualified vendor (see Above) determined to have proposed the best pricing and other contract terms for a given product or service. GNYHA Services relies on its Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), various member surveys and other communications to assess member needs.

  1. All national group purchasing contracts are offered through the GNYHA Services/Premier group purchasing program and directly entered into between Premier and a participating vendor are subject to Premier's contract award process. For information on that process, visit the Premier Web site.
  2. The overwhelming majority of contracts offered through the GNYHA Services/Premier Program are national contracts between Premier and the relevant vendor. If you are a vendor interested in offering a contract through the GNYHA Services/Premier program, please contact Premier.
  3. If you are a vendor interested in a GNYHA Services regional contract, the contracting process is subject to GNYHA Services' Regional Contracting procedures, as described above (see Bid and Award Process for Regional Contracts).
    • It is GNYHA Services' policy to offer physician preference products in the GNYHA Services/Premier Program on a "multi-source" basis—i.e., to offer participants a choice of vendors with respect to products that are offered. If for any particular product, one or more vendor contracts is offered at the national level, GNYHA Services would not necessarily offer more than one additional vendor at the GNYHA Services regional level. The multi-source requirement will be met if, through the GNYHA Services/Premier Program, participants have a choice of more than one vendor, regardless of whether one is offered from a national contract and one is offered from a regional contract.
    • If it has been determined that a regional contract is needed, the vendor selection will involve input from the members, as appropriate.
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