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Member Services

At GNYHA Services, we work hard to provide our members with services that help keep their bottom lines healthy and their processes efficient so they can focus on their core mission: patient care.

As a member, you're eligible for:

  • on-site consultative support from clinical and supply chain experts
  • a synthesis of national and regional contracting options as well as a diverse portfolio
  • excellent knowledge in clinical laboratory, facilities and construction, surgical services and imaging services, providing a high standard of quality, productivity, safety, and cost
  • continuing education opportunities and member meetings
  • value-added programs and services, including benchmarking technology, informatics tools, value analysis assistance, spend management support, and physician offices/non-acute care-related programs

GNYHA Services membership is absolutely free. For more information about becoming a GNYHA Services member, please contact Nancy Vetter, Senior Vice President, Business Strategy at

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