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Diverse Supplier Initiative

GNYHA Services is committed to including diverse suppliers in our contract portfolio while ensuring that these suppliers, many of which are smaller businesses, provide the same quality and ability to meet demand as larger, more established vendors. We’ve developed supplier diversity initiatives with the dual purpose of giving qualified diverse suppliers a platform to more easily enter the marketplace and helping member organizations reach their diversity utilization thresholds.

In 2014, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo raised the goal for minority-and-women-owned enterprises state contracting utilization to 30 percent—the highest such target in the nation. In response, GNYHA Services has developed its Diverse Supplier Initiative to help our members reach these metrics. While our current state-specific outreach is limited to New York and New Jersey, we are prepared to provide members in other regions of the country with the same high level of support, should their states outline similar goals.

We encourage all minority-and-women-owned enterprises to apply for state certification. More details can be found on the following websites:


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